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It would already help if one could modify the time on the device client like under symbian …. Hi ST team. I hope you are know about these issues: — app sometimes can shut down independently when tracking! Wery Nice app!! When do you think this update will be available? Or is it just Microsoft that have the answer to that??

Phone tracker windows 7 free download - Windows phone 8 gps tracker

Any news regarding windows phone 8 and BT belts? This will be one big point while deciding whether to buy windows phone 8 or Android.. Can you give us un update on when it will be ready? Our team has been busy fixing some unexpected server issues to keep the service up and running and that has taken a toll on the timeline for the WP update. It looks like 4 steps back now in terms of software development. Many functions are lost, just few basic left, and I see on the forum about many mistakes and bugs. When will there be a voice feedback option for Windows Phone. There is such option for other platforms which is very useful.

When you are in a area with no cellular signal the app simply doesnt track.


Being on target I wanted to save and upload the file but ST closed without savin the file.. Question: can I fand the data anywhere? Hi, very sorry to hear it closed before you could save. Same problem, last 4 workouts lost without sync.. Hi, the current Lumia WP version has a bug when running Sports Tracker and you press the camera button. When pressing camera button to switch to camera mode the Sport Tracker loses all data or is shut down.

If you switch to menu and then you press the camera button you can continue without losing data. Hi, thanks for the feedback. You can get around it by unlocking the screen before you take a picture. Autosave is coming:. Last couple of training sessions i had a problem of phone actualy switching of completely nad being in need of restart 3 side buttons to switch it on again.

Today is end of June, target date for the release of v4. I shall patiently wait a little longer!!!


Good point! You see!!! I always get a positive and quick answer from the Team even on a Saturday!!! What is going on with my heart rate belt??? PIcture uploads are also in the roadmap. Sorry guys. I have smartphone but I can only run Sportstracker. Now I cannot touch the phone. Is it really so complicated? Thanks a lot. Multitasking should be the highest priority.

Why you are sleeping? I want to use it at long bike expeditions because of battery, solid work and amazing precision of GPS. When will you be adding the manual lap feature? I used this in Symbian and Android extensively to track times for my mountain bike routes.

Sports Tracker was my single clear favourite leisure app on the E71, and it was because of Sports Tracker that I really liked that phone. I was also very annoyed to find how rubbish the background task processing was stupid Windows Phone. I have, however, been extremely irritated by Sports Tracker losing my data. The old Symbian one used to warn me when I started it saying there was unsaved data, but the WP7 version seems to rely on persistence which is lost if it crashes or gets otherwise restarted.

Try this:. Start a new workout 2. Lock the phone 3.

Ride your bike for 5 hours 4. See something amazing and take a picture by holding down the camera button without unlocking the phone first. No way back. Or at least write the data to a persistent file or database. But you can get it to work if you first unlock the screen and then take a photo. Auto-save has to the the number 1 priority feature. An alarm if I go off the track would be cool too.

Mobile phone tracking apk

And finally, the mapping. It is incredibly slow and unresponsive compared to e. Bing Maps or Nokia Drive, and it would be supercool it you could take advantage of pre-downloaded maps like Nokia Drive. I always found it motivating on runkeeper to see how much I run this month already. Thanks for the updates; those are some useful updates as I was getting frustrated at how easy it is to lose workouts. What I really need is bluetooth HRM support!

Is there any progress on this. We would love get the HRM working as well but at the moment the Windows Phone platform does not support the necessary Bluetooth profiles :. So until Microsoft updates the platform there is nothing we can do. We just have to wait it out…sorry! I heard news about Windows Phone 8 and 7. According to Wikipedia BT Profile list it can be a couple of them? Hi, just downloaded v1. Did normal run route and reached 10k in less distance than with v1. However, there are still two versions in the market place. I have a Nokia Lumia , does that mean the Nokia version is better for me or are they both the same?

They are the same exact app. We recommend you install the version by Sports Tracking Technologies but both work and are exactly the same :. Hi, there is a version 1. Is this a problem in the market place? Should I wait for a market place refresh or should I uninstall 1. Does it mean I loose all tracks that are saved on my phone? Thank you! Well I have a Nokia and Lumia The version available in the marketplace is still 1.

When will you add the function that when i take a photo when running sports tracker it will download those photos to internet? I remember having this on my N8 but its not here in Lumia phones. Please add it. Hello, thanks for the new SW update. Is there a way to give a new user defined name for Other1 or any Other tags.

I would like to add Formula windsurfing. I doubt that there will be longboarding or ice skating and such. In WP7 edit there is only one type of skiing. IMHO you really need some business model to found your expansion, there is SO many ideas how to do this easily! If the voice is difficult I propose a sound. Seriously this is a must have feature, Endomondo is killing u guys on features but your UI is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nicer, so please start ramping up the feature set so i can start using your app since features beat design in a running app. Hi Team! In case of error, I disinstalled and reinstalled but I think I still have the old v.

Please avise!!! Yes we were a bit eager to get this announcement out:. The HR bluetooth belt support is missing. When will those appear in the WP version? What about nailing the Bluetooth connection to the HR belt? It is simple to use, just sign in, add your gps devices and start tracking your objects less than in 5 minutes.

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Lihat Persyaratan Sistem. Tersedia pada Perangkat seluler. Tampilkan Lebih Banyak. Jepretan layar. Simple and fast Does what it says in blinks.. A must download. I love this app!!!! It does exactly as promised. I've been worried that my girlfriend has been cheating on me with her ex. I'm not worried anymore!

GPS Tracking System

With this app I can see where she is now and exactly where she has been throughout the entire day. Followmee has put my troubled mind to rest!! GPS tracker by followmee is an awesome tool to track your mobile phone, easy to use and effective.

Location tracing is accurate. Best tracking app I have used so far. Thank you.

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  • Works great on Lumia I have tried it in WIFI only mode and it works well. I can view the location over the last 24 hours even though it can only connect to the network when it is at home. It stores where it was at what time and then uploads that info when the phone returns home. I love the FollowMee app! I am extremely happy! Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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